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Climate change is a reality that affects all industries, including asphalt concrete. Extreme temperature fluctuations, intense precipitation, and severe weather events can have a significant impact on the production and application of asphalt concrete. In this post, we will explore how climate change is affecting our industry and how we at Premaco are responding to these challenges.

Challenges of Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Extreme temperatures can affect both the production and application of asphalt concrete. In conditions of extreme heat, asphalt concrete can soften, making it difficult to handle. On the other hand, cold temperatures can cause asphalt concrete to harden, which can also make its application difficult.

At Premaco, we are constantly monitoring weather conditions and adjusting our production methods accordingly. In addition, we are researching and developing new asphalt formulas that are more resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The Impact of Intense Precipitation

Intense precipitation can cause problems in the application of asphalt concrete. If the soil is too wet, it can be difficult to achieve good adhesion between the asphalt and the road base. In addition, water can infiltrate the asphalt and cause long-term damage.

At Premaco, we are working on improving our project planning to avoid the application of asphalt during periods of intense rain.

Preparing for Severe Weather Events

Severe weather events, such as hurricanes and floods, can cause significant damage to asphalt roads. These events can rip the asphalt from the road and cause structural damage, especially if the roads do not have good drainage.

To mitigate the impact of these events, at Premaco we are working on designing roads that are more resistant to severe weather events. This includes the use of advanced construction techniques and the selection of materials that can withstand these extreme conditions.


Climate change is a challenge for the asphalt concrete industry, but it is also an opportunity to innovate and improve. At Premaco, we are committed to facing these challenges head-on and working to create solutions that allow us to continue providing high-quality products despite changing weather conditions.