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Commitment to the Environment: The Baghouse Dust Collector at Premaco

At Premaco, we are committed to environmental protection. As part of this commitment, we have implemented an anti-pollution system in our asphalt concrete production plant known as the Baghouse or Dust Collector. But what exactly is this system, and how does it contribute to cleaner production? We explain it here.

What is the Baghouse or Dust Collector?

The Baghouse is an air filtration system used to capture dust particles generated during the production of asphalt concrete. It consists of a rectangular box 10.0 m long, 3.00 m wide, and 2.00 m high, housing approximately 540 filter bags.

How Does the Baghouse Work?

The dusty air from production circulates through the Baghouse’s filter bags. The function of these bags is to trap dust particles and prevent them from escaping into the atmosphere through the chimney. The dust trapped in the filter bags is reincorporated into the asphalt mix production process, resulting in a clean process for the environment.

Benefits of the Baghouse

The use of the Baghouse in our asphalt concrete production plant offers several benefits. First, it helps reduce the emission of dust particles into the atmosphere, contributing to environmental protection. Second, by reusing the captured dust in the production process, the need for new materials is reduced, contributing to the sustainability of our production processes.


At Premaco, we are committed to clean and sustainable asphalt concrete production. Our Baghouse anti-pollution system is an integral part of this commitment, helping us protect the environment while producing high-quality asphalt concrete.