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Ensuring the Quality of Asphalt Concrete at Premaco

At Premaco, we take pride in our dedication to quality. We conduct a series of quality control tests in our internal laboratory to ensure that our asphalt concrete meets the highest standards. Here, we explain why these tests are important and the benefits of conducting them.

Asphalt Content

The first test we conduct is to determine the asphalt content in our mixes. This test is crucial to ensure the correct proportion of asphalt, which directly affects the durability and performance of the asphalt concrete.


Granulometry is another essential test we conduct. This test helps us understand the distribution of aggregate sizes in the mix, which can affect the strength and workability of the asphalt concrete.

Marshall Stability and Flow

This test allows us to assess the strength and deformation of asphalt concrete under loads. The results help us optimize our mixes to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Loose Volumetric Weight of Asphalt Concrete

Measuring the loose volumetric weight helps us understand the density of our asphalt concrete mixes. This test is crucial to ensure that our mixes meet design and performance specifications.

Core Extraction for Compaction Percentage

This test allows us to assess the compaction of our asphalt concrete mixes in the field. Adequate compaction is essential for the durability and performance of asphalt concrete.

Permeability in Asphalt Concrete

The permeability test allows us to assess the ability of our asphalt concrete mixes to resist water penetration. This is an important feature to prevent freeze-thaw damage and soil erosion beneath the pavement surface.

Header: Cleveland Flash Point, Saybolt-Furol Viscosity at 135°C, Penetration at 25°C, 100 g, 5 s, and Softening Point

These tests allow us to assess the physical and chemical properties of the asphalt we use in our mixes. The results help us ensure that the asphalt we use is of high quality and suitable for use in asphalt concrete.


At Premaco, we are committed to quality. Our quality control tests help us ensure that every batch of asphalt concrete we produce meets the highest standards of performance and durability. By conducting these tests, we can offer our customers the confidence that they are receiving a product of the highest quality.